Giro d'Italia - VIP Spectator Experiences

  • Location

    All stages

  • Duration

    1 day

  • Length

    Spectator Experience (non-riding)

  • Climb

    Spectator Experience (non-riding)

7 May 2022 - 29 May 2022

You don't need to be on your bike to enjoy the passion, excitement and spectacle of the Giro d'Italia. As an Official Tour Operator of the Giro, we can also offer VIP Spectator (non-rider) experiences, from the start-line and finish-line VIP zones, to following the peloton in a car or helicopter. Join us for an extraordinary experience, close to the pros.

You may wish to bring your non-riding partner to the Giro on one of the tours you're cycling. Or you may be a non-cyclist who wants to see the Giro up close and personal. Either way, we can offer you or your partner some extraordinary experiences as a spectator.

Pick your stage - do you wish to be at the start line of the Giro d'Italia ? Or do you wish to be right on the finish line at the top of the big mountain stages? Or would you like to follow the pros in a car as the peloton climbs over a famous col? And at all times being treated as a VIP?

Please note that this is for a VIP ticket only and does not include hotel or transport. You will pick your accreditation badge at the Giro desk situated near the start or finish area on the day of the race. Contact us for details.

Total price: From €120

  • Join the Giro as a non-riding, VIP Spectator - on any stage
  • Start-line VIP hospitality in the morning, as the pros sign into the race
  • Finish-line VIP hospitality, in a comfortable area with perfect viewing of the race
  • Follow the peloton in an official car or helicopter
  • Ride across the Finish Line and stand on the podium, just hours ahead of the pros
  • Start-Line VIP Hospitality

    Any stage Start

    €120-180 (excl. VAT)

    In the late morning, just before the stage start, the pros gather to sign into the race on the signature podium. This VIP package allows you to watch the spectacle as all the pros sign in, and then mingle with them as they relax before their big day of riding. There may even be the opportunity to grab an autograph or two, and many a photo of the pros.

    There are 2 options: ‘Michelangelo’, which is a tent next to the signing podium (cost: €180 per person, €250 - stage 1); or the ‘Puccini’, which is located next to the Michelangelo (cost: €120 per person).

  • Finish-Line VIP Hospitality

    Any stage Finish

    €180-300 (excl. VAT)

    See the race as it climaxes each day, with the best possible viewing. This package gives you access to the exclusive Giro Club hospitality area at the finish line with drinks, finger food and large TV screens to follow the race. Mingle with former stars of the Giro and hear their stories of past glory as you sip prosecco. Then shout and scream as the race approaches the line.

    There are two options - 'Leonardo', which is an air-conditioned truck right next to the finish line (cost: €300 per person, €480 - stage 21 ); or the ‘Dante' tent, which is situated around 300m from the finish line. (cost: €195 per person- stages 1&2, €180 per person - stages 3-20, & €300 - stage 21)

    Join us for the final stage and watch the riders fight for victory from the Giro VIP arrival Lounge while enjoying an open bar and finger food (cost: €380 per person)

  • Follow the Race Experience - car & helicopter

    Any stage

    €550-1,550 (excl. VAT)

    Following the race in a car just behind the peloton is nearly as exciting as being in the race itself, but not quite as exhausting. This package allows you to follow every kilometre of the stage in an official Giro car, as it races along the course with the crowds inches away (cost €1,150 per person) . Or you can follow one of your favourite pro cyclists in either of the two ITT stages - 1 or 16 (cost €550 per person). On some stages, a helicopter ride over the race is also offered (cost €1,550 per person, including the car experience). These packages also include the Start-Line and Finish-Line VIP Hospitality.

  • Ride across the Finish Line

    Any stage

    You too can ride across the finish line, just a couple of hours ahead of the pros, and then jump onto the podium for a wave to the cheering crowds! But at Grand Tours Project, we reserve this experience for those who are prepared to earn their stripes by joining us in one of our riding tours and cycle either the full stage ('Ride Every Kilometre') or 60-100km of the stage ('Experience' or 'Getaway'). So come join us for the ride of your lifetime, on 3, 6 or all 21 stages!