La Vuelta "Getaway"

  • Location


  • Duration

    4 Days | 3 Nights

  • Length

    106 - 195km daily (depending on ability)

  • Climb

    1,000 - 3,500m daily (depending on week)

24 Aug 2018 - 16 Sep 2018

If the Vuelta "Experience" and "Ride Every Kilometre" trips are too long for you, then join us for this 3-stage version. We'll be on the route just hours before the pros, with the world's most passionate supporters cheering us on.

Our Getaway tours are being offered over the four weekends of the race: 24-27 August (the Start weekend); 31 Aug - 3 Sept (end of Week 1); 7-10 Sept (end of Week 2); and 14-17 Sept (end of Week 3). So take your pick on which dates best fit your schedule, and which stages you wish to ride. We'll be riding every kilometre of the race route on these days (as part of our "Ride Every Kilometre" tours).

We are also offering a 3 stage Getaway with our "Experience" tour in Week 2, which caters for cyclists who wish to ride 60-100km each day (7-10 Sept).

Either way, you will love La Vuelta and the whole experience of riding on the route just ahead of the peloton.

Once we cross the finish line, we'll enjoy a healthy lunch and watch the pros fight for the red jersey. The finish lines at La Vuelta are often at the end of a very steep final climb, so they offer fantastic viewing spots for the race.

If you have more time to ride and watch La Vuelta, you can join us on a longer tour.

Total price: From €1,200

  • Ride 3 stages of La Vuelta, just a few hours before the pros
  • "Ride Every Kilometre" of these 3 stages, or on stages 13-14-15 you may ride just the final 60-100km
  • Watch La Vuelta stars fight for the red jersey
  • Enjoy the passionate and vocal Spanish supporters wherever we cycle
  • Relish the local Spanish food and wine, and relax in our lovely villas
  • Expert planning and support from our team (guides, mechanics, drivers)
  • Maximum group size: 14 (with 2 guides)
  • Take your pick on which stages to ride in Weeks 1, 2 or 3
  • Bike rental (carbon frame and Shimano Ultegra or equivalent) available
  • Start Weekend - 24-27 August

    Málaga to Alharín de la Torre (Andalucia)

    4 Days | 3 Nights (stages 1-2-3)

    The 73rd edition of the Vuelta a España will depart from Málaga, one of the oldest cities in the world and birthplace of Pablo Picasso. This will be the third time in Vuelta history (2000 & 2006) that this Andalucian coastal town has hosted the Gran Salida. We'll enjoy 3 stages in the region around Málaga, including the short 8km Individual Time Trial on stage 1, followed by two longer undulating / hilly stages.

    The Start weekend is always an exciting event, with the passionate crowds and the anticipation of the final Grand Tour of the year.

  • Week 1 - 31 August to 2 September

    Puerto Lumbreras to la Covatilla (Castilla - La Mancha)

    4 Days | 3 Nights (stages 7-8-9)

    These 3 stages wil be fascinating as we depart from the Mediterranean coastline and head inland into the heart of Spain. These are quite long and undulating stages, and the 3rd stage has three big mountain passes. We'll finish at an altitude of 1,980m once we climb and finish on Alto de la Covatilla, where we'll relax to watch the pros make this ascent.

    This Getaway covers a lot of ground in Spain, as we cross from the south east and end up not far from Madrid. The country is classic Spain!

  • Week 2 - 7 to 10 September

    Candás to Lagos de Covadonga (Asturias)

    4 Days | 3 Nights (stages 13-14-15)

    These 3 stages all involve big mountains, and on each we will watch the pros ascend from great vantage points. These stages are some of the toughest of the 2018 Vuelta, so be prepared for some incredible climbing. All of the stages have mountain finishes, and the crowds will be huge on these final ascents. After our daily ride, we'll rest, relax, eat and drink as we wait only a couple of hours for the pros to start their final climb and cross the finish line.

    This region in Asturias is ideal for cycling, and is one of our favourite areas of Spain.

  • Week 3 - 13 to 16 September

    Lleida to the Pyrenees and Madrid

    4 Days | 3 Nights (stages 19-20-21)

    The final 3 days of the 2018 Vuelta! The excitement of these final stages will be intense, as the pros fight for the red jersey on the last two mountain stages and then on the streets of Madrid. Firstly, we will enjoy a flat ride before entering the Pyrenees where we face a big climb up Col de la Rabasa. Then the penultimate stage of the race has a continual climb-and-descend profile, with a total of 6 climbs (including 4 x cat 1 passes), albeit over a short distance of 106km.

    As usual, the race will finish in Madrid, where we'll ride a more relaxing 112km on the streets of this magnificent city, with the crowds cheering us on.