Swiss Customised Family Summer Tours

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    7 days 6 nights or more

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    Customised and Personalised

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    Customised and Personalised

15 May 2023 - 15 Oct 2023

Grand Tours Project understand how hard it is, in this day and age, to get kids outside, doing stuff and finding adventures. BUT we have some dastardly and fun ideas to offer! Use our experiences to find the perfect holiday that accommodates all ages, abilities and interests...yours too!

You want to go bike riding in Europe but there are family commitments. Your idea of climbing Swiss cols is not an option for toddlers, kids and teenagers (maybe for that teenager who loves to trounce you on the climbs!), and the partner may have other ideas too.

Don't give up, Grand Tours Project has the perfect solution - a summer family cycling and adventure tour in Switzerland! The best part, is that it is customised and personalised to suit the different ages and abilities.

Easy meandering rides to fun destinations; challenging half day rides; e-bikes, road bikes, BMX bikes, and mountain bikes. And escape days where you can ride the Sanetch Loop or the 4 Cols or around Lac Leman.

Of course to entice the big and little kids (this means you too) the destinations are the rewards! There is the Alpine rollercoaster on Glacier 3000; riding inside the UCI velodrome or bombing the world class BMX track outside; the casual and easy ride to the Aquaparc and Vapeur Parc; there is abseiling and tree climbing at Parc Aventure, indoor and outdoor rock climbing, wake boarding on the lake and of course surfing at Alaia Bay! And so much more.

Fresh alpine air, sunshine, fun physical activities, limited screen time (night time, if they can stay awake!) AND riding! Call us and let us help you design the perfect family and friends cycle and adventure tour.

There are 2 versions of this tour:


Any date between May 15 and October 15, a group of 6 people minimum (For fewer people get in touch).


Any date between May 15 and October 15, with hotels, meals, luggage transport, maps and a hotline with a support vehicle on call.

Contact us for details.

Total price: UNDER REQUEST

  • Perfect bike adventure for the whole family
  • Quiet roads, ideal for bike riding
  • Breathtaking alpine scenery
  • Fully personalized tour with activities for everyone
  • Meals in local restaurants chosen for their regional products
  • Bike rental (carbon frame and Shimano Ultegra or equivalent) available + e-bikes available
  • Babies and little tackers

    Easy peasy

    Ok, this is something that is not strenuous...except maybe for you. We can offer you options for bike seats, trailers and tag along bikes. Flat routes along the valley to Chateau de Chillon and swimming in the crystal clear clean waters of Lac Leman; to Swiss Vapeur Parc for tootling around on miniature trains. There is the Villars Piscine allowing the babies and and toddlers to frolic in safe water depths, the train ride up to Bretaye, an e-bike ride (a trailer and/or tag along bike in tow) to the Col de la Croix farm to see the animals and watch cheese being made in giant copper cauldrons over fires (breakfast there too)....

    On the days you want to ride long challenging loops (or easy rides) we can find childcare.

  • They think they are independent

    riding and fun for everyone

    Moving onto the independent little tackers and big kids. They can ride...on a tag along (that's an extension bike attached to your bike), or on a scooter bike manically zipping around all the cyclists and pedestrians, or on a bike with pedals wobbling along beside you, or little speed demons determined to beat you to the next corner.

    There are wonderful valley routes following the Rhone River to Chateau de Chillon - what kid doesn't love exploring a castle?! Or to Aqua Parc for an afternoon of water fun or in the opposite direction to Labyrinthe Aventure. Perhaps a casual ride to Chateau d'Aigle from Bex with an option to spend time tree and rope climbing at Parc Aventure or transfer to Col du Pillon for a gondola ride to the really awesomely exciting Glacier 3000 Alpine Roller Coaster. So much to do and so little time!

  • The 'I know' types and teenagers

    Challenges and adventures

    Possible these rides and adventure activities will also ensure you are challenged too! Morning rides in the mountains and the valley, with a carrot destination offering a fabulous adventure. Such as riding from Villars to Col de la Croix, Les Diablerets and then a short ride up to Col du Pillon. Reward? The awesomely terrifying Alpine Roller Coast and a sedate walk on the glacier. Riding from Villars to Sion and finding yourselves at Alaia Bay Alpine surf park - seriously! No matter the weather, this is definitely a must do activity.

    What else? A game of golf at the 18 hole Villars Golf course; mountain biking down specially designed downhill trails; indoor rocking climbing or even better a day of guided climbing of the studendously stunning Miroir d'Argentine - not for those scared of heights!

  • Big kids - you!

    Your choice

    There are so many half day and full day rides - some in the valley along the Rhone and around Lac Leman or lakes further afield. You can ride through the UNESCO Lavaux vineyards and stop for lunch and wine tasting or head up to the Swiss Plateau for rolling hills through the farmland. You want col rides? We have like the 4 Cols or the Sanetch Loop - hard core but you have all day and a transfer can be arranged in Gsteig if needed. E-bikes and road bikes are available, so no excuses!

    The day after, you may want to relax at the Villars Wellness Spa followed by some 'relaxing' golf; relax on grassy areas next to Lac Leman, paddleboard past Chateau du Chillon... there are stunning mountain hikes to Solalex and beyond. And so much more.

  • Accommodation, meals and other


    We can offer hotel rooms, chalet or apartment accommodation in Villars. During summer there are a range of restaurants in the village, in the mountains and of course around the lake. All this can be personalised to suit your needs and budget.

    We can also arrange childcare and transfers to and from activities.

  • Example Day - Teenagers

    Keeping them enthused

    Day 1 - Arrival

    Day 2 - Ride and Alpine Roller Coaster

    Day 3 - Ride and Alaia Bay surfing

    Day 4 - Ride to UCI for velodrome experience, ride to Chateau de Chillon for swimming and SUPing

    Day 5 - Mountain biking

    Day 6 - Rock climbing or via ferrata

    Day 7 - Departure