10 dream cycling trips to take in 2023


Nov / 11 / 2022

We are happy to be in the list of 10 dream cycling trips to take in 2023 according to VeloNews.

What makes a bike trip a dream trip? That’s a question with a thousand answers depending on your experience, ability, and interests. For a beginning cyclist, it might mean a first two-hour ride. An average rider may dream of completing a first century or climbing a significant mountain pass. More advanced cyclists can contemplate a multi-day trip through the Alps or the Rockies. Adventurous types we’ve known have tackled challenges like riding to the Mount Everest Base Camp at 17,000 feet elevation or traversing the Americas from Alaska to Tierra del Fuego. Today, there are more companies that organize bike trips than ever.

Grand Tours Project: Riding Week 3 of the 2023 Giro

As an Official Tour Operator of the Giro d’Italia, the Grand Tours Project has unprecedent access to the race routes and the stage finishes. Depending on your cycling ability (and strength!), this well-established company offers weeklong trips that include riding every kilometer of each Giro stage or a more rider-friendly version in which you do up to 100 kilometers a day.

The final week of the 2023 Giro, May 22–29, is the most spectacular (and will be the most decisive), featuring the epic climbs of Monte Bondone, the Tre Cime di Lavaredo and the Monte Lussari time trial. A high-speed train will take participants to the final stage in Rome, where they will ride two laps of the day’s race circuit before having their photos taken on the winners’ podium. The week’s package starts at just under $5,000.

A rider who experienced a similar Week 3 trip in 2022, said this after one challenging day through the Dolomites: “Soaked, tired and satisfied, we arrive at the finish and gratefully jump into our support car. With the heating and our favorite Van Morrison album on, we drive to our next hotel, realizing we might just have lived our most epic day on the bike…. Viva Il Giro!”

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