I Love a Bargain in Switzerland!

Yvette Yeates

Grand Tours Project Team

Nov / 24 / 2021

You never know when something you need will appear at a one day special price!

I love a good bargain and living in Switzerland with growing children, we actively pursue the sales, the seasonal discounts and avidly follow QoQa ... you never know when something you need will appear at a one day special price! Otto’s is a nearby discount sports store and sometimes you can strike it lucky and discover that high quality brand in the right size. It's like winning the lotto! :D

Above: A few bikes for all the family

Social media market sites offer an amazing array of things ...stuff you weren’t looking for, never what you were originally searching for. And selling our things is only successful when it is the right season and cheap. For example, I am trying to sell kid sized fins and water shoes to make space in the cupboards - no demand in November! Our garage is a never ending supply of goodies that are no longer required, despite my best efforts to stop the hoarding - for just in case !

Above: Clearing the garage

On the other hand, we also make do with second hand ski kit, purchased from other families, hand me downs, our daughter is often in the boys’ kit and all the kids borrow my jackets. Luckily, in return, I now have a huge array of size 40 boots, shoes and sandals that no longer fit my growing hobbits (to clarify, my kids with huge feet albeit not hairy...yet!).

Above: A few ski gears

The Grand Tours Project fleet of Bianchi bikes were sold for good prices during the first lockdown, only now we are cursing as the supply chain for the production of bikes worldwide has ground to snail pace!

Above: GTP fleet of Bianchi bikes

Trying to find a smart trainer during this period was near impossible but I think I found the last one available in Switzerland - but not a bargain! Then a bargain bike just for the smart trainer...after a great deal of FB searching, I found one in German speaking Switzerland but had to also negotiate for the wheels!

Above: Smart trainer with a bargain bike!

We have hand me down kid sized bikes...now all too small and the kids are eyeing the Boss’s Bianchi bike, and have already claimed his mountain bikes. I have started a search for a gravel bike and bikes for the kids… actually maybe I should peruse the Black Friday sales?