What’s to love about Switzerland

Jan / 31 / 2022

Living here in Switzerland is cool (pun intended!) albeit it can be expensive to live here BUT visiting Switzerland is also something to love and you don’t need to be rich to travel here.

Depending upon the type of index, living in Switzerland regularly comes in the Top 10...even first! For example, the Numbeo Quality of Life Index 2022 put Switzerland number 1 ! The US News Best Countries placed Switzerland 4th in 2021. World Happiness Report 2021 on page 22, the graph provides an colourful graph showing Switzerland in 4th place; and then there is a full page analysis of Switzerland in the OECD Better Life Index showing how good life is here.

Above: Swiss cows heading up to the summer pastures past GTP HQ

Switzerland is in the centre of Western Europe with easy access by plane, train, automobile…and of course by bike, to Italy, France, Germany and Austria! Why go to those countries when you can stay in affordable accommodation and ride the astoundingly beautiful routes of Switzerland - mountains and cols, lakes and rivers, vineyards and charming cities and villages, alpine pastures and rolling plateaus of farmland and forests. In summer you can swim in the rivers and lakes and then ski on the Zermatt Glacier!

Above: Yes this is real. The UNESCO Heritage Lavaux Vineyards

Switzerland is also clean and safe. The Swiss take pride in their cleanliness, order, recycling and abiding by regulatory and social rules. The transport system is renowned for punctuality but less well known is that it can get you and your bike to and from very remote mountain valleys.

Above: Organised Swiss transport

The food is fantastic for the traveller - roesti, fondue, croute au fromage, raclette…have you noticed the theme? Fromage - cheese! But there are regional dishes to discover such as Vaud’s Papet Vaudois . And obviously the opportunities to try locally crafted chocolate as well as the vast array of Nestle chocolate!

Above: Yes that is a wall of flowing chocolate!

And for the wine buffs, the chance to quaff Swiss wine - Chasselas, Fendant, Petite Arvine, Heida, and fine reds such as Pinot Noir and Merlot especially from the sunny and hot Sion valley in Valais.

Above: The day Primož Roglič visited

So perhaps consider the cool and refreshing climes of riding through Switzerland - less crowds, clean and safe, not too hot yet warm enough to enjoy swimming, a range of things to see and do …and easy access to the rest of Europe.

If I have convinced you to consider Switzerland, you can get inspired with our Swiss tours, like the Grand Tour of Switzerland. Or contact us to customise a tour specific to you and your group's needs!

Above: To Sanetsch Pass