Why Mexico needs to be on your bucket list?

Uri Martins

Jan / 10 / 2020

Above: Traditional Cuernavaca House

Cuernavaca, known as the City of the Eternal Spring, is a title that is well justified - year round the temperatures here are warm and comfortable. But Cuernavaca is more than comfortable temperatures, it has always had a formidable glamourous reputation. Loved for its tranquillity and colourful landscapes - no matter where you go, you'll find bougainvillea, jacarandas, african tulips, lilies, jasmine, tabachines, daisies and much more. With its vast gated haciendas and sprawling estates; for its warm and beautiful landscapes, the clean air and attractive architecture as well as its history and architecture, Cuernavaca has always been a living paradise. And then there is cycling - Cuernavaca, with its dramatic backdrops and climate, is perfect for cycling.

Uri, our head guide grew up training on these roads and below you will find his top 3 rides surrounding the city of Cuernavaca, that you can’t miss! If you are planning on joining us in Mexico for our bike tour, you will have the opportunity to ride them with Uri, all while soaking up the culture, history and spectacular views!

Above: Traditional Ride Cuernavaca to Tepoztlán - Back to 1948 commemorating the Mexican Revolution

Ride 1: The Classic Ride Cuernavaca - Tepoztlán

Distance: 25 Kms

Climb: 250 Mts

This is the best known and oldest ride in the area. With origins dating back to 1948 commemorating the Mexican Revolution and more than 70 years of tradition, it gives us the perfect opportunity to explore Cuernavaca´s Valley by bike. It has impressive views of the Morelos valley and in the distance you can see the mountains that encircle the town of Tepoztlán, our destination.

With the mountain "Three Marias" to your left and a continuous rise and fall between deciduous forests, it makes for a very pleasant ride.

Tepoztlan has been a designated UNESCO World Heritage Site since 1994 and is filled with vibrant colours, colonial buildings and streets covered in cobblestones, as well as shops and markets offering local crafts and opportunities to meet its people.

Before having a well earned coffee or beer, we recommend leaving your bike and hiking up the Tepozteco, one of the Aztec pyramids located on the top of the mountain. Legend says that once you reach the top, if you open your arms and you lie down, you will receive all the energy expended during your climb to the top… and it will last until the next equinox! An ideal result for cycle touring!!

Above: View from "Paso de Cortes" summit

Ride 2: Volcanoes ride up Paso de Cortes (from Cocoyoc)

Distance: 62 Kms

Climb: 1400 Mts

Riding up to Paso de Cortes means riding up the flank of Mexico’s second largest volcano, Popocatépetl. The pass is between Popocatépetl and Ixtaccíhuatl volcanoes and stunningly beautiful. Paso de Cortes is named after the conquistador, Hernán Cortés. In 1519, he and his men crossed from the Veracruz coast to central Mexico via this pass and continued onto Tenochtitlan to eventually conquer the Aztecs and their emperor Moctezuma. From Paso de Cortes, you can see the Valley of Mexico with Popocatépetl, at 5,426m, right in front of us, you can imagine how stunned the conquerors must have been when they looked over to the Aztec city in all its splendour.

Above: Streets of Taxco

Ride 3: Km 138, Grottoes and Taxco.

Distance:55 Kms

Climb: 450 Mts

Another favourite route of mine, and one that competition cyclists currently use to train on. Vueltas México and many races in the state of Morelos have taken place in this area. Due to the low traffic, good road conditions and outstanding views, it is an ideal space to train, ride and enjoy. It is warmer than the other two routes as it is further south, however, there are oasis stops always nearby, where cyclists can rest, drink water, under the shade of Guamuchil trees and then continue the ride. A truly authentic experience!

Above: Amore e Vita Pro riders in Mexico for "La Vuelta México 2014"