2019 Giro d'Italia Week 2 - Piemonte to Lombardy : Stage Routes & Profiles

Information from the Official Giro d'Italia website

Stage 10: 21st May 2019

The stage runs on perfectly flat roads through the Po Plain around Ravenna and Bologna, passing through Lugo, Massa Lombarda, Granarolo nell’Emila and Crevalcore, to name but a few. Then a fast-running and perfectly flat stretch of road leads all the way to Modena, where the stage will surely end in a bunch sprint.

Stage 11: 22nd May 2019

This flat stage leads through the Po Plain, all the way to the foothills of the Ligurian Apennines. The route travels across Reggio Emilia, Parma, Piacenza, Voghera and Tortona, heading for the final sprint in the city of the Campionissimi.

Stage 12: 23rd May 2019

This short yet demanding stage takes a double pass over the steep Via dei Principi di Acaja (with peaks topping out at 20%) and clears the first categorised summit of the 2019 Giro in Montoso (1st category). The course first follows the mild undulations of the Prealps around Saluzzo. After reaching Pinerolo, the route takes a first pass over the wall, tackles the Montoso climb and goes back to Pinerolo to clear the wall for the second time, 3 km before the finish.

Stage 13: 24th May 2019

This high mountain stage features 3 harsh categorised summits: Colle del Lys first (along the Val Susa side), then the Pian del Lupo (Santa Elisabetta) climb just above Cuorgné/Castellamonte, and the final Colle del Nivolet climb, leading all the way to Lago Serrù. The route takes the renewed “old road”, with steep gradients topping out at 14/15%.

Stage 14: 25th May 2019

This is a very short stage (131 km) featuring 5 categorised summits and a remarkable elevation gain (4,000 m) compared to the route length. The course takes in climbs up Verrayes, Verrogne, Truc d'Arbe (Combes) and Colle San Carlo, before the summit finish in Courmayeur. The ascents are long, steep and unrelenting, except for maybe when the route cuts across Aosta. The stage, therefore, is very intense and demanding.

Stage 15: 26th May 2019

After traveling across the northern Po Plain, the route goes back onto the recent “historical” course of the Giro di Lombardia in Asso. The route (237 km, the longest Giro stage) takes in climbs up Ghisallo, Colma di Sormano (but not the wall), Civiglio and San Fermo. This is a tough stage, which may be even suited to Classics specialists.

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