All I want for Christmas...

Yvette Yeates

Dec / 19 / 2019

The GTP elves have been busy researching and designing tours for 2020. But that doesn't stop them from having fun choosing the top 10 or more cyclist presents for Christmas! Here's our Christmas gift guide for your loved ones (or yourself) in no particular order:

1. Santini 2020 Fall/Winter Cycling Wear.

First up, if you are an all-weather type of rider you need to have some premium cycle clothing from Santini in your stocking. It's made with passion and made in Italy, which means it will keep you warm and dry while looking stylish. They are our manufacturer of choice along with the UCI, many pro teams and the European Grandfondo series.

Check out their winter collection:

2. Zwift & Smart Trainers

It's that time of year when we all make those faithful promises to our selves that we will be fit in time for the cycling season! And we have identified just the gift to achieve that... with the insane technology advancements, you have no excuses!

Smart trainers, make indoor training that little bit more enjoyable and depending on your budget there's something for everyone. We've identified a range of smart trainers from that are also Zwift Compatible: (Prices from low to high, From €250- €1,299)

Tacx Vortex Smart Trainer

Wahoo Kickr snap smart

Elite Suito trainer

Wahoo Kickr Smart

Tacx Neo 2T

And the cherry on top ... A Zwift subscription! It's the perfect gift from your loved ones.. to compliment the trainer from your partner and the membership and cable stuff from your kids. Oh, and it's way more fun when you can dodge those wet and cold days but still ride with friends or Grand Tours Project from the comfort of your living room.

Give the Gift of Zwift the Christmas with a 3 month or 1-year membership. From $45 -$180

3. Bianchi Bike

Of course! One of our Bianchi Ultegra Disc with Ultegra di2 bikes. It's our bike of choice and we have done all the testing for you - this bike has successfully helped us navigate 21 stages of a Grand Tour to the bumpy paths of the Strade Bianchi! We still have a few left so get in touch so you have it in time for the new year! Price: 3,900

4. OTE Sports

Have you tried these energy snacks and drinks this year on a GTP tour? Great right? There are 10, 20 or 50 GBP gift vouchers available at OTE. We say it's a win-win, you gift a thoughtful present and let your beloved recipient choose their flavours! Even better, subscribe and buy over 30 GBP and receive a 13.50 GBP gift voucher.

P.s. Our guests favourite were the Cookies and Cream Duo bars

5. Garmin Edge 1030 GPS Navigation

TOYS for boys and girls! There are so many bike computers out there...but this little elf thinks the Garmin Edge 1030 is the bees knees. Why? Our guides love it, the large screen (at a certain age large screens are desirable!) and that the screen can be seen in rain and glare! Awesome! It's also compatible with several power meters and heart rate monitors.

From £399.99 at Wiggle

6. Bike Tour

Yes obviously a Grand Tours Project tour is highly recommended. We have a range of rides - from 1 day Giro d'Italia VIP experiences: 3 day explorers; week long or more randonnees; pre or post season jaunts; a tour following one of the European grand tours; or a award winning Ride Every KM on the Giro? Check out full list of bike tours here:

Shh! we won't tell anyone if you don't! ... who says you can't join too and benefit from the gift.

7. Chamois Cream this day and age, chamois cream is a bit of a misnomer. Chamois cream as we now know it, helps make long rides ummm frictionless. This gift will be remembered with gratitude every single ride. It's also vegan!

8. Wallet

We love, love, love these! Road riding entails looking good so matching jersey and bib ...and socks. A cool looking helmet, gloves but then what to do with the phone, the money, the public transport pass for just in case, tissues and keeping them in zip lock bags, lip balm, sun screen cream, OTE drinks and snacks, a secret stash of emergency jelly bears, hotpak jacket etc. The jersey pockets can only fit so much. Et voila we love this little pouch that keeps the important things like phone and money safe and sweat free!

The Velopac or From £ 32

9. A Cycle Magazine Subscription

Ahem...we suggest Bicycling Magazine ;) after all, they did just award us Best Epic bike tour. But seriously this is a great gift, especially if you really can't face any more bicycle stuff in your home. Gift an online ipad subscription to Magzter (there is many a cycling magazine on there and they will never clutter your house).

Holiday sale from €49.99 per year:

10. Shop Local

But if it is too stressful the best Christmas idea is a gift voucher from your local bike shop. They may even be able to recommend something for your beloved cyclists.. after all the likely hood it's their local haunt and they will know who you're buying for!

Merry Christmas!