Grand Tours Project

Mar / 19 / 2020

Grand Tours Project invites you to be part of a special ride from the comfort of your home! The last section of one of the most prestigious classic bike race in the world - The Milan San Remo Monument!

Do not miss it! Join Grand Tours Project this Saturday 21 March at 11.00 am for the last 50 kms of the "Spring Classicissima", comprising of the start from Alassio, passing first for ondulate course, then Cipressa and Poggio, up to the historic arrival on via Roma in San Remo.

All you need is your bike, a smart trainer, and a Garmin or Tacx account and device. Simples!

What do you need to participate and preliminary operations?

There are several ways to simulate on a GPX track with a smart trainer. Each of you will have your own preferred method, but we suggest two: via an Edge cycle computer and via the Tacx App. In any case, what should not be missing is an interactive trainer, such as the Tacx NEO 2T Smart or a Tacx FLUX S Smart.

Join the official group

To compose the final ranking and recover the track of the route, you must also join the Garmin Connect Milano San Remo Virtual Experience group. Of course, you need a personal Garmin Connect account."

In the following official link, you will find more information relevant to this event.

If for some reason you can't ride the Milan San Remo this Saturday, we invite you to take a look at our meet-up on Zwift. More and more guests and new riders are joining us. It is a lot of fun and it is social, as we are able to chat whilst riding and exploring the roads of Watopia and other new worlds or simulated real places where previous world championships have been held. Rememer... Every Monday at 13.00hrs (CET) and every Friday at 10.00hrs (CET).

So we suggest you buy, borrow or beg for a smart trainer, get set up, join us on Saturday and beyond. No excuses, it is time to start gaining kilometres, getting in shape, and an opportunity to socialise - talk and share with friends while we ride together!