My 2022 Project!

Jan / 5 / 2022

This did not take me long to work out! Get fit! It is also my New Years Resolution and this time….I will keep it…do it!

Above: Ski rando training for Keith

Keith is training for La Patrouille des Glaciers, Uri has taken up cross country skiing and will also be on Zwift training up all our Giro and French Ride Every Kilometre guests as well as anyone else who wants to join in the virtual rides. Meanwhile, I have my bike ready to start Zwifting, I have the cross country skis ready, the telemark skis are waxed, tuned and tested already and yet….

Above: Uri the Pro and always training and having fun

So, in order to be fit enough to enjoy the overnight ski randonee trips, to not suffer the epic cycle climbs, to be able to ride some of the GTP tours, to fit into my jeans!!! I really need to start getting, and staying fit!

Above: Says it all!! Hahaha!

So here is my plan. When I finish this blog, I will:

  • Reset the Zwift programme …but first I need to find the username and password!
  • Start bodycore floor exercises, the plank, wall sits, lunges and sit ups…things like that. Start until I can’t do more and then increase by at least one everyday. By my calculation that would mean if I start at 5 times per exercise and increase by one each day for each exercise … by the end of January I will be doing around 32 seconds of the plank, the wall sits, and 32 lunges and sit ups by the end of January. Errr… I think the plank and wall sits are doable, the lunges possibly…but the sit ups??!!
  • Walk / ‘run’ with the dog and cat (cat is in a cat backpack!) everyday…ok not in the rain and not when there is black ice. Hahaha making excuses already!

Oh yeah, and eat less and find less desirable alcoholic and quaffable drinks!! Good luck!

I'll start tomorrow!

So wish me luck and we hope that your 2022 Project is accomplished and that we see you on the road somewhere. Many best wishes for a safe and 'normal' 2022.