Pedal to Empower - SO I am doing my little bit...

Yvette Yeates

May / 19 / 2022

Normally I write a blog that is funny - trying to lighten up the serious art of staying afloat, keeping it together, being upbeat, life is good sort of thing. And it is most of the time…for most of us. I certainly cannot complain. I have my family and friends, my animals, I live in a beautiful stable country that is about as democratic and equitable as possible. Switzerland is not perfect but it's pretty close to it.

I can still rant and rave about how unfair life can be …but then I am reminded about how hard it is for women, girls, their families and communities to live and survive in other parts of the world - where there are wars and lives are at risk, religious fundamentalism infringing on people’s rights, no access to good or any education, restricted access to clean safe water and sanitation, intermittent or no electricity, living wages are unheard of so children are sent to work to support the family, and moments of free time when you are trying to survive are almost non existent.

So in my perfect life, what can I do? What can I possibly do that will make a difference, a tangible real difference? There are many charities out there that do just that - they provide clean water, build schools and more.

And World Bicycle Relief provides sturdy durable bicycles. Eh? You ask.

“Throughout developing regions, women and girls face cultural obstacles that limit their access to quality education, well-paid employment, quality reproductive healthcare, and property rights. That’s why World Bicycle Relief aims to direct 70% of program bicycles to women and girls. With access to bicycles, they can unlock their potential.” World Bicycle Relief, Pedal to Empower

Think about it. Giving a bike to a young woman, a girl, gives her the time to ride to school and get an education, gives her time to help her family, makes it easier to possibly gather water and food for the family, get to a job that sometimes takes hours walking or by bus and also allows her to return home before dark.

That free time allows her to study more, perhaps do something personal, maybe start up a microbusiness closer to home. Independence and education is key to escaping the vicious circle of poverty and exploitation.

SO I am doing my little bit. I am participating in the World Bicycle Relief Global event, Pedal to Empower. I will be riding within a 24 hour period during the weekend 3-5 June (a bit of pain is required!) with the aim to raise 1,000 CHF - that is equivalent to almost 6.5 bikes (155 CHF per bike), ideally 1,550 CHF would provide 10 bikes. Six or ten young women will receive a bike that will offer them a route to better education, health and independence.

There will be rides around the world organised by organisations, clubs, schools, family and individuals on 3-5 June - you can help just by riding and promoting Pedal to Empower. You can also donate on my Pedal to Empower fundraising page

Or perhaps you prefer to set up your own, you can find all the information here .

And for more information about what World Bicycle Relief does, go to their webpage for more details.

As we say in Swiss Romande, on y va !