Riding the Dolce Vita: My Giro d'Italia Adventure – May 2024



Jun / 21 / 2024

I've just got to tell you about this incredible journey I had in May – an exhilarating tour through Italy for the Giro d'Italia. Picture this: after a marathon 12-hour drive from chilly Switzerland, we arrived on the sunny Amalfi Coast. The contrast was striking – from misty mountains to azure seas and dramatic cliffs. It felt like we'd stepped into a postcard.

We spent our hours riding along the coast, soaking up the sun, the scent of the sea, and the breathtaking views. One afternoon, we had lunch on a terrace with the most stunning sea view you can imagine. It was pure bliss.

And let me tell you about the evenings! Our hotel had this terrace that overlooked the coast, and every sunset was a masterpiece. The sky turned shades of orange, burgundy, and purple while we dined on delicious Italian food. We were just living the dolce vita!

From Naples to the Adriatic Coast. We journeyed from the historical dreamland of Pompei across the Apennines and the Amalfi coast. One of the coolest parts was when I got to be part of the support crew. I drove the van, stocked with snacks and drinks, and even managed to snap some cool pics on the road. The best bit? We had full access to the Giro route with our accreditation. Driving inside the Giro felt like being part of a pro team – people were cheering us on, recording us, and the atmosphere was electric.

In Fano, we had a VIP experience watching the pros finish, sipping Prosecco in a lounge with music pumping and dancers entertaining us. It felt like being at a big sporting event in the US. From there, we headed to San Marino – a tiny country with incredible views. Another stunning sunset and dinner combo made it a perfect end to the day.

We cycled through lush countryside, tackling some crazy steep climbs (18% gradient – can you believe it?). Then we moved on to Lombardy and Lago di Garda, where we got to cross the finish lines, stand on the podium like pros, and even enjoy a special lunch next to the time trial. Everything was pink – even the gnocchi! It was a nod to the Giro's iconic pink jersey.

But you know what made it all so special? The teamwork and camaraderie. Everyone pitched in – preparing bikes, driving, supporting each other. It was inspiring to see different teams come together like that. From the “EXP team” to the “REK team”, all supporting each other.

The highlight for me? Climbing Mortirolo was tough but incredible, especially sharing moments with Alison, Dave, and Ira, and seeing their smiles at the peak, made the experience even more special. And those evenings by Lago di Garda – sunset, dinner by the water, and just soaking in the Italian charm. Italy has this way of making every meal feel like a celebration.

So, that's my adventure – riding through stunning landscapes, sharing laughs with amazing people, and feeling like a pro for a week. I can't wait for the next one – you should totally join us next time! Pre-booking is now open for Giro d’Italia 2025 tours

Catch up soon,