Summer dreaming

Grand Tours Project Team

Credit Photo: Marcus Enno aka Beardy McBeard

Apr / 7 / 2022

It is now springtime in the northern hemisphere and plans are afoot for epic summer holidays

As we depart the cold, often wet, and dark days of winter and emerge into occasional days of warm spring temperatures, we find ourselves online searching or scrolling through social media of warm summery places. Dreaming of glamorous Beardy McBeard photos of epic bike rides, of the beautiful Mediterranean coasts and the Alps with the perfect cycle roads sinuously winding across the terrain; inspiring sunrises and photographic sunsets, of beautiful hotels, fine dining experiences and of course, we look fabulous - tanned, lean, at the peak of our fitness and fulfilling all our bucket list challenges and destinations.

(Sound scratching record)

Back to reality! Ok so we aren’t influencers but summer cycling can be all of the above and all otherwise as well!

How many of you have had an unforgettable holiday as a result of stupid weather events? Do we post our drenched photos on social media? Or the headwind that is there in every direction? No, but we should, that's part of the adventure!

Or what about the myriad of little things that can be exhausting so even a beautiful sunset is mey? Things like, why aren’t there cafes or bars open; who are the arseholes who litter; or its continuous punctured tyres; the sweaty salt, dust and sun cream coating; the sunburn and heatstroke or conversely the hypothermia of a day in torrential rain in the alps.

That funny noise the chain is making every third pedal stroke; those endless hairpins to reach that stupid col that was on my bucket list (why?); the endless descents… give me a flat section please!!

Yet… every winter and spring we search, we dream, we plan, we execute our epic summer holiday and in spite of the setbacks, the annoying things, the exhaustion…our travels produce the adventure and epicness that makes them satisfying, memorable and brings us back for more each summer.

And if the weather is kind, we return home, mabe not looking fabulous but definitely leaner, fitter, with awesome cycle leg and arm tan lines… and inspired.

And repeat :D