The Lofoten Islands: where mountains meet the ocean

Uri Martins and Michiel Van Ooteghem

Feb / 9 / 2023

What an extraordinary adventure! The Lofoten Islands are something completely different from what we are used to riding and apart from that, regardless of the weather conditions, any day cycling around the arctic circle will always be epic.

Last season we had the opportunity to ride twice with Grand Tours Project groups in the Lofoten Islands. Wow, what a beautiful experience and what phenomenal crews. We had memorable rides with our guests and our outstanding team members.

Sometimes entering a trip of 10 or more days, can feel challenging, but when you think about it, each pedal stroke takes you to a new and unknown place, and with your companions, it becomes a group adventure. It becomes a meaningful journey and much of the time, strangers become good friends.

A trip like this offers time for yourself, no cell phones and job distractions, and much of your time is spent reflecting on your stunning surroundings. From the magnificent views, passing along roads that are surely designed for cyclists ☺️ to the "art coffee stops" offering us shelter, Norwegian croissants, hot chocolates, local arts and crafts plus learning of the traditions and stories of local beliefs. And it wouldn't be an adventure with the manoeuvres from one island to another on the multiple ferries to reach our destinations. Everything is different, fascinating and new, and making this trip one of those adventures that you will share for the rest of your life.

"We hop from island to island. Mountains on one side, codfish drying racks on the other. Eggs and salmon for breakfast, the freshest cod I’ve ever eaten for dinner. If you’re a cycling enthusiast, foodie, mountain lover, or all of these things (like me), then this tour is for you!" Michiel Van Ooteghem, Bike Guide & Trip Designer Grand Tours Project

I don't know what's best about this trip as the rides were particularly splendid (every day gets better) no matter the weather. You don't realise that the mountains and fjords will become steeper and more dramatic each passing day. The food is spectacular and the hotels are impeccable with Scandinavian design and friendliness. The bikes work perfectly and if this isn't already part of a spectacular package, the whale-watching activity will blow your mind!

From my heart, I invite you to experience the Lofotens, to dare to discover new places, to meet new people and make new friends, since our passion for cycling is what unites us from the beginning. The Lofotens and Norway are just amazing!

Uri Martins
Chief Executive Officer
Grand Tours Project