Les Valades Ladines - Where the Ladins live

Andreas Pescoll & Klaus Irsara

Oct / 6 / 2021

Al e n gran plajëi pur me pudëi se aspete pur de beles pedalades adüm tles valades ladines. It is a pleasure for me to welcome you to the Ladin valleys to ride together. 

Saluc e Ciao

I am Andreas Pescoll. I was born into a Ladin family where Ladin is my mother tongue. I have a brother and a sister who are twins. I was skiing from 3 years old and became a ski instructor when I was 18 years old. Later I fell in love with cycling and became a cycle guide. The Dolomites offer many outdoor pursuits.

Above: Andreas

I have many favorite bike rides here but in first place is the classic Sella Ronda, the first loop of the Maratona dles Dolomites and 50 kilometers of fantastic landscapes. My second choice is Passo Giau, it is a legendary climb and one for the bucket list. The less well known Passo Fedaia is a longer loop, has more altitude, and the magnificent views of Marmolada and the glacier - and for that it is my third choice.

Above: Music on the pass

Unsurprisingly, my favourite dish is pizza! But I also love i canaderli con goulash (dumplings with goulash) - highly recommended!

Al e n gran plajëi pur me pudëi se aspete pur de beles pedalades adüm tles valades ladines. It is a pleasure for me to welcome you to the Ladin valleys to ride together.

Above: Melodia's dumplings

I’m Klaus Irsara and I’m the owner of the Hotel Melodia del Bosco. My mother tongue is Ladin as I was born and grew up here in a valley of the Dolomites. In 2000, I took over the family-run hotel. Seven years later we undertook a major renovation and in 2010 we started to specialize in cycling vacations.

Cycling has always been one of my passions. Since we have become a bike-hotel I have had the opportunity to ride even more. I’m really lucky because I’m able to combine my job with my passion.

Above: Klaus

The history of cycling has been written in Italy, everybody knows Coppi and Bartali and their epic fights for the Maglia Rosa on the passes of the Dolomites. When you watch the Giro on TV you can get inspired from so many places.

Every keen cyclist should ride once in the Dolomites, not only because it’s my home. I ride a lot around here but I never get bored because the nature is always different. When I’m cycling I have time to notice all the small things around me that change day by day because of the light, the season and even depending on my mood. The Dolomites with their pale colour during the day and often very intensive orange when the sun goes down keep an eye on my rides and give me positive energy.

Above: Val Gardena

I am always asked which are my favourite rides, but there isn’t one particular ride, every day is different. Sometimes I am tired after a long day of work and just need a short ride, or I have a lot of energy and feel invigorated to ride further. The weather and the seasons also influence my choices - fresh green in spring, high altitude riding in summer and the autumn colours. There are so many possibilities that allow you to take different routes. However, the Sella Ronda is a must, you have to ride at least once on your visit to the Dolomites.

Above: Morning in Campolongo

A cycling vacation in Italy is the best way to discover different regions with various landscapes, cultures, traditions and cuisine. It doesn’t need much. You just need to enter a bar in a small village and order an espresso to feel the simple but true Italian way of life.

Above: Bianchi bikes at Melodia del Bosco Hotel

I look forward to greeting you at my family’s Hotel Melodia and wishing you the very best cycle holiday with us and Grand Tours Project.

Above: Ladin sculptures