Norway Bike Tours

In August, 2017 our scouting team travelled north to cycle the Arctic Race of Norway, just hours ahead of the pros ... and they are still talking about it!

Norway makes for the perfect cycling tour destination: quiet, smooth roads, endless days (literally!), dramatic scenery, delicious food and some of the best coffee shops we have ever come across.

The Arctic Race of Norway is held every year above the Arctic Circle. The race is 4 days long and is one of the lesser known professional cycling tours and we’re not really sure why! After all ASO, who operates the Tour de France, owns the race, and it is run as professionally and efficiently as any we have seen.

The course is due to be announced in January 2018, but in the mean time you can see what we are planning to offer. You will be able to ride every kilometre of the race, on the same course as the pros ... or you may prefer to ride the final 60-100km. Either way, you will experience extraordinary cycling conditions and incredible scenery, all above the Arctic Circle.

Join us for what will be your most memorable cycling holiday in Norway!

  • Ride on the same course as the pros
  • Expert planning
  • Experienced guides
  • Fully supported
  • Breathtaking scenery

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