2017 SUF Camp extension

We are thrilled to provide support for the 2017 SUF Camp. Suffering is our daily bread: Grand Tours Project is based halfway up the Col de la Croix, a grueling HC climb. For us, every lunch ride ends with a 10km, 7% climb.

So…be warned. Our guides will take you to the best (or worst) climbs that the region has to offer. Expect steep roads and countless switchbacks, but also breathtaking views of snow-capped mountains, incredibly fun descents, and Swiss chocolate at the food stops.

Actually, we think that you’ll want more. This is why I'm inviting you you to join me for a private tour just after the SUF Camp. We’re planning two more rides in our local mountains, on August 12 and 13:

12 August: Col du Sanetsch

This is my favorite climb in the world (really, it is). With 1,690m of climbing over 25km, it is the Swiss equivalent of Passo Stelvio, but without the endless traffic. Why? Because it is a dead end. Well, not quite…once at the top, you will descend to a beautiful Alpine lake where you reach the end of the road and…a cable car. It will to take you down the other side of the mountain to Gsteig, near the famous resort of Gstaad.

115km, 2400m of climbing (option to skip the first flat 55km section at the beginning)

Above: The awesome Col du Sanetsch

13 August: Les Agites

Sure our legs are tired, but we can’t get enough of the wonderful Swiss roads. For our last day, we will ride to the best viewpoint on Lake Geneva, one of the largest lakes in Western Europe. We're on a military road but don't worry; Sufferlandria is an ally to Switzerland.

55km, 1330m of climbing (option to add a 20km flat loop at the end for a well-deserved ice cream on the lake side)

Above: It's worth climbing a mountain to have this view on Lake Geneva

Don’t go back to Couchlandria too soon and book your private Swiss experience!

Alain Rumpf, Chief Cycling Officer

Alain Rumpf

Option 1: one ride

  • August 12: Col du Sanetsch
  • Dinner
  • One night* (August 12 to August 13)
  • EUR 440

Option 2: two rides

  • Same as option 1 +
  • August 13: Les Agites loop
  • Dinner
  • Two nights* (August 12 to August 14)
  • EUR 880

* in the same hotel you will stay in during SUF Camp

Email us for details and bookings.

See you soon on the bike!