Finding time

Grand Tours Project

Sep / 28 / 2016

In today’s world, we are all busy. Crazy busy. At the same time, most of us complain that only a portion of what keeps us so busy is meaningful. We feel like we are no more than rats in a cage.

But what is meaningful? There is no single answer. Mine: family time, and riding my bike. Cycling has been a key part of my lifestyle and helps me to keep my inner balance. Years of bike racing made me the person that I am today, teaching me the value of effort and dedication. Now, competition is less important and riding is more about enjoying the beauty of nature and spending time with people. Many of my friends are cyclists - I even met my wife on a velodrome and I love to go for rides with our baby in the trailer.

Like many, I wish I could spend more meaningful time on my bike. I am... busy. I won’t be able to participate in the Transcontinental Race like I did last year for a while, but I can go on micro bikepacking adventures. What is that? Read more in the article I just wrote on the Apidura blog.

Alain, Chief Cycling Officer

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