ALPSinsight: sharing our passion for the Alps

Story by Alain Rumpf

Photos: PatitucciPhoto

Mar / 23 / 2016

I met Dan Patitucci in the mountains on a bike. On that unforgettable day, he introduced me to the best of the Dolomites. After he and his wife Janine moved to Interlaken, Switzerland in 2012, I joined them on the Swiss CrissCross. We rode across the Swiss Alps from Chamonix to the Stelvio on our road bikes, climbing the most prestigious Swiss passes: Grosse Scheidegg, Susten, Gotthard, Lukmanier, Oberalp, Albula, Ofenpass.... Then we switched to mountain bikes and came back via an incredible network of trails. We explored Switzerland like I had never done before, in a short 14 days.

Dan and Janine are professional mountain sport and outdoor photographers, working with the best brands, athletes and media in their industry. If you are into ski touring, trail running, rock climbing or cycling, you have most certainly seen their images. They stand out.

Above: Day 5 of the Swiss CrissCross. Dan and Alain relaxing on the last switchback of the legendary Passo Stelvio

They are two of my closest friends, and I owe them a lot. They showed me that sharing a passion for a simple, outdoor lifestyle can be a truly rewarding job. And this is just what Grand Tours Project is about: Ride, eat, sleep, repeat. Climb mountains. Discover new places. Relax. Make friends. In short… live meaningful experiences.

So it is only natural that we partner with Dan and Janine’s latest venture, ALPSinsight. This is the place where we share our passion for playing hard in the Alps, the region we love. With words and - beautiful - images.

Above: Climbing the Grosse Scheidegg with the Wetterhorn in the background

If you love being active in the mountains, head over to ALPSinsight and start daydreaming. Read stories to learn about Switzerland and cycling in the Alps; check out the trip section for ideas on where to go. How about the Sustenpass?

And if you want to turn that dream into reality, we’re here to help you. Check out our tours, or contact us to organise your own private holiday in the Alps.

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