Welcome to our backyard

We are thrilled to be the exclusive road cycling partner of ALPSinsight, the ultimate resource for inspiring mountain experiences.

Cyclists are coming from all over the world to ride in the Alps and Switzerland has much to offer them:

  • the best possible riding experience on smooth roads with little traffic
  • breathtaking views with snowcapped mountains, bucolic pastures, beautifully preserved mountain villages and pristine lakes - all at once
  • four language regions (yes!) providing unparalleled cultural and culinary diversity within such a small territory.

If the trips and stories featured on ALPSinsight have added Switzerland to your cycling bucket list, we can help you tick the box. This is where we live - and we ride.

Click here to see the list of our Swiss tours. There is something for everyone!

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We will also be happy to organise a private tour for you and your friends, colleagues or family. It can be one of our existing tours or a tailor made itinerary. Switzerland is not just about the Alps - we can take you on easier riding terrain and there are great cities to visit such as Lausanne, the Olympic capital, and Bern, a UNESCO World Heritage site.

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Safe ride, and see you in the Alps!

Grand Tours Project Chief Cycling Officer

Above: The Grosse Scheidegg