Journey to Everest

  • Location


  • Duration

    12 days | 11 nights

  • Length

    76-130km per day (7 days riding)

  • Climb

    7.700m total

19 Jul 2024 - 28 Jul 2024 / 25 Sep 2024 - 6 Oct 2024

Ride to Everest Base Camp in Tibet, the new frontier of road cycling. Can it get more epic than that?

Following on from the great success of the pre-COVID trips, we're joining forces again with our local partner, Serk, to offer you this unique challenge: a chance to surround ride through the stunning Tibetan landscapes all the way to the iconic Everest Base Camp. An unforgettable, authentic experience!

Serk have been running trips with passion in Tibet since 2014; they have meticulously crafted this tour which will regularly stop you in your tracks and leave you feeling privileged to have explored this unique region before it falls completely into the clutches of modernisation.

Push yourself to ride up some of the highest sealed roads in the world, then grin from ear-to-ear as you fly down the other side of a 5,000m pass. Plus, we’ll take you to some of the Tibetan Plateau's most revered spiritual and ancient locations.

You'll leave with not only an amazing 7-days of high-altitude cycling in your legs (and lungs!), but a new appreciation for one of the most enduring cultures in the world.

Watch this video to get a taste of the Journey to Everest:

Total price: From US$4,650 (33,000 RMB)

  • A life changing experience
  • Ride the newly paved road to Everest Base Camp
  • Highest point: 5,181m!
  • Discover the amazing Tibetan culture
  • Visit Lhasa and its UNESCO World Heritage site
  • Organised with our local partner Serk
  • Maximum group size: 15 riders
  • Photo credit: Tim Bardsley-Smith
  • Day 1


    Arrive Chengdu Sichuan China late afternoon. Tonight we stay in the 5 star Airport Hotel 5 mins from the arrivals lounge. Group dinner and briefing for the trip before an early night to recover from a long trip!

  • Day 2

    Milin Linzhi

    Up early for flight to Linzhi—our first foray into Tibet. Linzhi is the eastern-most city of Tibet and one of its lowest at just over 3000m altitude. As part of our acclimatisation we take it super easy today. Unpack and check the bikes followed by an early dinner in town. Slow walk back to hotel and a few snaps with the locals, who are mostly wondering what we are going to do with our sleek road bikes. In bed as early as possible to maximise rest.

  • Day 3

    Milin - Langxian

    105km and 1,000m of climbing

    We leave Milin early morning and ride along the spectacular Yarlong River all the way to Langxian.

    The Yarlong river is the upper stream of the Brahmaptura River (the fifth strongest in the world in terms of flow rate, supplying 30% of India’s total water resources). Today we follow the raging river as it carves its way across the plateau, enjoying the breathtaking sights and perfect cycling road it leaves in its wake. There is hardly a vehicle or village in sight, so it's just you, the road and the river.

  • Day 4

    Langxian - Shannan

    130km and 1,600m of climbing

    One final day beside the mighty Yarlong river. You'll notice the vegetation gradually change from lush pine forests to dry rocky cliff faces, and even some sand dunes. After lunch we ride on a brand new road probably up there with the best you've ever ridden on. Its twists and turns urge you to get out of the saddle and accelerate and the snowy peaks in the distance remind you you're riding in one of the highest places on earth.

  • Day 5

    Shannan - Lhasa

    50km and 300m of climbing

    Today we take a chill day and ride to Samye Monastery - the first monastery in Tibet.

    We arrive in Lhasa late afternoon at our 5 star hotel and explore the old town of Lhasa on foot. The sights and sounds are guaranteed to inspire, and don't forget to say a silent prayer for good legs and favourable winds as you spin the prayer wheels!

  • Day 6


    A day off the bike visiting the cultural icons of Lhasa. The visit to

    the Potala Palace (spiritual home of the Dalai Lama) will be the

    cultural highlight of the trip. Afterwards we'll wander down to a hip

    coffee shop popular with young Tibetans.

  • Day 7

    Lhasa - Gyantze

    110km and 1,355m of climbing

    Rise early and leave for Yamdrok-tso lake where you'll be greeted by dramatic views of the turquoise waters. We ride along the shore of the lake to Nagartse before conquering the Kalurong Pass (4950m).

    The road travels by the Karola Glacier before dipping down into a majestic valley. It's one of the most scenic days of riding on the trip. Our destination hotel in Gyantze is oozing with so much old world charm you won't want to leave.

  • Day 8


    98km and 117m of climbing

    Rise early and visit the local Palchoi monastery and authentic old quarters. Then it's 98km along the mostly flat road to Shigatse. We will pass through rolling farmlands and villages and stop mid-way for some snacks and a visit to the local barley mill. The last climb over the bridge into town is a hotly contested KOM. We are riding at 4000m today–the air is thin which means fast speeds on the flat.

    We should arrive at Shigatse for a late lunch by about 2-3pm. Rest & relax in your hotel or visit the peaceful Tashilungpo monastery, seat of the Panchen lama (optional).

  • Day 9


    76km and 1,200m of climbing

    We drive out of Shigatze to our lunch stop at Lhatse. From here we start riding. Today is one of the hardest days of the trip—we ride to the highest pass on the trip at 5181m. After a brief stop at the top to catch our breath and grab some supplies its downhill all the way to Tingri. We ride beside a picturesque river most of the way to our destination and if the sky is clear you'll get your first glimpse of Everest.

  • Day 10

    Everest Base Camp

    98km and 1,638m of climbing

    After passing through a strict military checkpoint outside of Tingri we will start riding the huge pass that takes us into Everest Base Camp in the dark. The road is new and affords magnificent views of Everest at the top. After another long descent and climb you’ll reach Everest Base Camp for lunch.

    The whole day we ride above 4200m and twice climb up above 5000m. Only a total of 1640m of climbing but at this altitude it really takes a toll. Expect to be exhausted and exhilarated by the time you reach Everest Base Camp

    You’ll have plenty of time to enjoy the magnificent views on the world’s highest mountain. After lunch we drive back down the road to Lhatse.

  • Day 11

    Tingri - Shigatze

    A transit day travelling back to Shigatze. We stop by a delicious dumpling restaurant for breakfast and arrive in Shigatze for our final group meal. After dinner its time to hit the Tibetan clubs and sink a few hard earned beers with the local Tibetan cowboys and cowgirls.

  • Day 12

    Shigatze - Chengdu

    Time to say good-bye! We fly out of Tibet and back to Chengdu China today.