Giro d'Italia "Experience" Amalfi Coast and Naples Escape

  • Location

    Sorrento, Amalfi Coast & Naples

  • Duration

    5 days | 4 nights

  • Length

    60-80 km daily

  • Climb

    250 m up to 1,240m daily

9 May 2023 - 13 May 2023

Looking for some warm sunshine, a short escape, some southern Italian style and hospitality, throw in some cycling in dramatic landscapes and a historic city and ancient ruins and ta daa - Naples, Pompeii and the Amalfi coast with Vesuvius as the backdrop.

"This experience of riding on the same course as the pros, and just a few hours ahead of them, is unique in the sporting world. The atmosphere is simply incredible." Keith Tuffley, Founder - Grand Tours Project.

We offer you amazing cliff road rides overlooking the Amalfi coast, climbs over the mountain spine that separates the Amalfi coast from the Bay of Naples. On Stage 6 you will ride partitions of the race, cross the finish line and mount the winners’ podium in Naples, gain access to the VIP zone, plus experience the unadulterated passion Italians and Giro fans have for their teams.

On the final riding day you will cycle up Vesuvius to be astonished by the endless views and learn of the violence this volcano has delivered to the region and finally visit UNESCO Pompeii.

Finally, a visit to southern Italy is not complete without cafe stops and restaurants allowing us to indulge and savour the delights of Neapolitan food and wine.

If this introduction ticks your boxes, read on and be inspired.

As an "Official Tour Operator", we will have our support vehicle with us the whole distance. Riding on the race course just a few hours before the pros makes this an unforgettable experience. Check out this story from one of our 2016 guests to be convinced!

If you are looking for a more challenging tour, please have a look at our Week 1 or Week 2 Ride Every Kilometre Giro tour.

Total price: From €2,790

  • Level of fitness: MEDIUM - fit enough to ride 2 to 4 hrs or 50 to 80 km per day
  • Ride on the best 50-80km of 3 stages of the Giro, on the same day as the race, just hours ahead of the pros
  • Explore Amalfi coasts and roads while staying in a superb accommodation in Sorrento
  • Watch the Giro starts fight for the pink jersey, from the best vantage point
  • On every stage, enjoy the unique atmosphere of the Giro and the support of the public
  • At least on one stage, cycle across the finish line, stand on the winners' podium, and watch the race from the luxury Giro VIP Zone
  • Challenge yourself climbing up Vesuvius and visit UNESCO Pompeii
  • Savour fantastic Italian food and wine, and relax in our hand-picked high-quality hotels each evening
  • Expert planning and support from our team (guides, mechanics, drivers)
  • Bike rental (carbon frame and Shimano Ultegra or equivalent) available
  • Day 1 - Tuesday, 9 May

    Benvenuto in Napoles, Italia!

    We will meet you at Naples airport and transfer you to your hotel on the Amalfi coast.

    Our team will help you to check in and unpack your bike or set up your rental bike. After a light lunch or snack, we’ll test ride the bikes on the winding roads of the headland coast and return. Back at our hotel, we can adjust the bikes, change and then wander the delightful streets of Sorrento before dinner and the tour briefing.

    Hotel in Sorrento
  • Day 2 - Wednesday 10 May

    Stage 5 - Sorrento to Salerno

    71 km | 1,246m

    May is the perfect time to visit the Amalfi coast. And what makes it special? The stunning views with roads and villages, forests and vineyards, clinging to cliffs overlooking the Tyrrhenian Sea and down to alluring waters along the coast. Making the most of today, we plan to ride from our hotel along the corniche road to Salerno. And always with the sea on our right. There will be many photo opportunities, maybe a dip at a stylish lido, definitely a restaurant stop, and many people-watching opportunities mixed with chaotic traffic conditions to carefully weave around. Riding a bike is often faster than motorised 4-wheel transport! In Salerno, we’ll find the optimal spot to cheer on the pros as they complete Stage 5. After the celebrations, the GTP team will transfer you back to our hotel.

    Hotel in Sorrento
  • Day 3 - Thursday, 11 May

    Stage 6 Sorrento, Amalfi Coast & NAPLES

    60 km | 834 m or 86 km | 1,573 m

    Keeping it flexible, we offer 2 options to cater for the different challenges of our guests. The longer option has 2 climbs and guests will be dropped at the base of Valico di Chiunzi with the guide. The GTP van will then continue over the pass and stop in Amalfi for the shorter option. The first group should arrive in time for everyone to set off along the coast before heading back over the spine of the Amalfi mountains for Naples. Along the Gulf of Naples, it's an easy flat route past the ominous Vesuvius and into Naples. Keep going as we are going to cross over the official Giro Finish and then mount the Winner’s Podium for personal photo mementos. But wait, there’s more! We’ll find a safe place for you to change and then head into the Giro VIP zone to mingle with other passionate Giro Ciclismo fans and watch the pros sprint to and over the finish (that you rode over earlier).

    Hotel in Sorrento
  • Day 4 - Friday, 12 May

    Vesuvius Ascent and Pompeii visit

    12km | 915m or 40 km | 546 m

    After yesterday’s intensity, you can have a leisurely breakfast. We plan to ride from the hotel to the summit of Vesuvius. The GTP van will bring your shoes and a jacket so you can walk the trail on the volcano’s rim. You can enjoy the descent back or if descents are not your thing, jump in the van. There is an option to also cycle the perimeter of the Vesuvio. As we are in the area, we recommend a visit to the UNESCO World Heritage Site of Pompeii. The archeological discoveries are extraordinary, confronting and ongoing.

    We will return to our hotel to relax before our final dinner.

    Hotel In Naples
  • Day 5 - Saturday 13 May

    Departure Day - Arrivederci Naples

    Sadly, today is the final day for our Giro d’Italia Amalfi and Naples Escape and we hope that you will feel invigorated and inspired for this summer.

    We will help with checking out and transfer you to Naples airport for your return home or onward journey elsewhere.

    Stay safe on the roads and hopefully see you soon.

    If you can not join us for this week, you may want to have a look at our Week 2 Experience - Tuscany, Piedmont & Switzerland tour, crossing to our homeland Switzerland!