Giro d'Italia "Ride Every Kilometre" Week 1 - Sicily to Apennines

  • Location

    Catania (Sicily) to Gran Sasso d'Italia (Apennines)

  • Duration

    8 Days | 7 Nights

  • Length

    150-225km daily

  • Climb

    700-3,900m daily

7 May 2018 - 14 May 2018

Sicily ... Mt Etna ... Calabria ... the Apennine mountains ... it will be warm and beautiful as we ride around Sicily and northwards from the toe of Italy. Join us to Ride Every Kilometre of 6 stages of the 101st Giro d'Italia, in some of the best cycle regions of Italy.

“There is nothing quite like riding on the full route of the Giro d'Italia, with thousands of supporters on the road cheering us on, and with the peloton only an hour or two behind us.” Keith Tuffley, Founder of Grand Tours Project and the mind behind the "Ride Every Kilometre" concept.

We're offering the opportunity for amateur cyclists to ride every kilometre of stages 4-9, on the same day as the race. We'll be riding some of the best cycle routes in Italy as the Giro winds its way around the island of Sicily, and then up through Calabria to finish at the highest mountain in the Apennines - the Gran Sasso d'Italia.

You don’t need to be an elite athlete, but you must be fit and strong, and be ready for back-to-back long days in the saddle. We will start early and sometimes not finish till 4:30pm, just one hour ahead of the race leaders. However, we will always ensure we have enough time on the route each day for coffee, lunch and photo stops.

There are very limited spaces on this tour, with a ratio of 7 cyclists : 1 guide. As an "Official Tour Operator", we will have our support vehicle with us the whole distance, all the way to the finish line each day. Riding on the race course just a few hours before the pros makes this an unforgettable experience. Check out this story from one of our 2016 guests to be convinced!

If riding every kilometre of 6 stages sounds a bit much, or if you haven't the time for a full week off, then you can join for just 3 stages in Sicily. Contact us if this interests you.

We are also offering a more relaxed option involving 60-100km of riding each day - our Giro "Experience" - Sicily & Amalfi Coast tour.

Total price: From €3,150

  • "Ride Every Kilometre" of 6 stages, on the race route, just hours before the pros
  • Enjoy the beauty of Sicily, Calabria and the Apennines as we cycle 150-225km daily
  • Watch the Giro starts fight for the pink jersey
  • Expert planning and support from our team (guides, mechanics, drivers)
  • On every stage, enjoy the unique atmosphere of the Giro and the support of the public
  • On one of the stages, cycle across the finish line, stand on the winners podium, and watch the race from the Giro VIP grandstand
  • Bike rental (carbon frame and Shimano Ultegra or equivalent) available
  • Day 1 - 7 May

    Benvenuto in Sicily, Italia

    We'll greet you at Catania airport on the east coast of the beautiful island of Sicily, and transport you to our superb modern hotel in the heart of Catania and close to the race start. Our mechanic will help you unpack and build your bike, we'll hand out the team kit, and make final preparations before tomorrow's ride.

    After discussing the week's programme, the team will enjoy a relaxed stroll in the city centre and then a hearty dinner in one of Catania's excellent restaurants specialising in local Sicilian dishes.

  • Day 2 - 8 May

    Stage 4 - Catania to Caltagirone


    It will be a hilly but beautiful ride from Catania inland to Caltagirone. The route passes through some magnificent Sicilian countryside, and for much of the course it has a constant climb-and-descend profile. Caltagirone is famous for its ancient pottery and terra-cotta, and for its fascinating Baroque architecture following the earthquake in 1693 which destroyed much of the city. Caltagirone is now a UNESCO World Heritage site. Following a rest and refreshment, we'll drive to out hotel in Agrigento, where we'll explore some of the ancient temples before our Sicilian dinner.

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  • Day 3 - 9 May

    Stage 5 - Agrigento to Santa Ninfa


    We'll be starting our ride in the Valley of the Temples, another UNESCO World Heritage site and home to seven superbly preserved ancient Greek temples. A sunrise viewing of these temples will be a special way to start our ride. Today's race route is an undulating course along the coast before heading inland for a hilly section over the final 90km, with three category 3 climbs. We finish in the lovely Valley del Belice, and then we'll travel to our next start town of Caltanissetta.

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  • Day 4 - 10 May

    Stage 6 - Caltanissetta to Mt Etna


    Mt Etna, the biggest volcano in Europe, is our destination today! The Giro ascended Mt Etna in 2017, and it proved such a success that the organisers are repeating the experience ... but this time up the southern road. First, we have a 133km ride to the base of the volcano, through picturesque central Sicily countryside. The 30km / 1,700m ascent of Etna is a truly unique experience, with solidified black lava flows a key feature towards the top. This is the first category 1 mountain of the 2018 Giro, so we'll be staying at the top to watch the pros as they ascend, following our lead ... who will wear the pink jersey after today's ride?

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  • Day 5 - 11 May

    Stage 7 - Pizzo to Scalea


    After 3 days of stunning cycling on the island of Sicily, we'll cross over to the toe of Italy and commence the northward journey. Today's stage along the coast and flat, so we'll organise ourselves into a efficient peloton and enjoy a steady ride as a team. Scalea is both the finish for stage 7 and the start for stage 8, so once we arrive we can rest, have a much needed massage, and enjoy watching the pros sprint to the finish line. The final two stages are longer and hillier, so it will be a relaxing evening with a super seafood dinner, and early bed at this seaside town.

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  • Day 6 - 12 May

    Stage 8 - Scalea to Montevergine di Mercogliano


    Riding at sunrise is always a lovely experience for a cyclist, and we'll be enjoying this as we continue to head north along the coast. At 208km, our a 5th day of cycling, a middle section of hills and the final 40km of climbing, it will be a challenging day. We pass more ancient ruins at Agropoli and then see a second volcano - Mt Vesuvius - in the distance as we climb to the mountain finish at Montevergine Di Mercogliano. We now have only one more stage to go - we are closing in on our Giro challenge.

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  • Day 7 - 13 May

    Stage 9 - Pesco Sannita to Gran Sasso d'Italia


    Today will be a magnificent day of riding ... the Apennines are a stunning, wild mountain range, and we'll be tackling one cat. 2 and two cat. 1 mountains, finishing at the highest peak in the range - the Gran Sasso d'Italia. In all, we'll be ascending over 4,000m today. It will be a very early start, before sunrise, to ensure we finish before the pros - who start as early as 10:55.

    It's a day to remember, and a week to cherish ... congratulations, you have cycled every single kilometre of a full week of the Giro d'Italia, and with the pros breathing down our necks every day. You simply can't get any closer to the real action than this. Tick this off on your bucket list.

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  • Day 8 - 14 May


    After last night's celebratory dinner and this morning's sleep-in, hearty breakfast, and good Italian coffee, we'll help you with packing your bike and transport you to Rome airport for your trip home. Or can we tempt you to stay longer for the second week? Or maybe return to Rome in two weeks for the final stage? In any event, you'll be taking home memories, achievements, new friendships and bragging rights that you will never forget.